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Vision & Advantages

Our vision is that streamlining the conduct of clinical research in a global context using high quality and robust processes will speed up bringing new health products to market and cut development costs.  
At MPR, we believe that each dollar saved in bringing a new health product to market is a dollar saved for a new product and each day a study is completed faster is a day closer to having the medication reach a patient.

Our Advantages

Main highlights

  • We provide comprehensive global services, a wide range of therapeutic expertise, and a world-class information technology and communication infrastructure.  

  • Our process works through a successfully planned operational model that leads to an ethical, timely and cost effective solution tailored to the needs of each customer. 

  • We follow strong quality control system guided by the powerful Lean Six Sigma methodology.

  • We embrace the Hybrid SMO/CRO model of supporting clinical research projects that enables sponsors to work with us on the scale and scope that fit into their projects needs


With dedicated highly experienced and highly motivated global teams, the company promises its clients excellent services at the highest quality with most competitive prices possible. We believe in the need to serve humans at large with high quality health products & services. We believe that innovation is our means, and we will work hard to make sure that we do our best to accomplish your goals. When we serve you, we partner with you, because your success is ours. We trust you find your best value working with our company!  


Our values

  • Ethics & Integrity: Honesty, maintenance of confidentiality, HIPAA compliance and ethical adherence to professional standards are hallmarks.

  • Innovation: Consistent refinement of our expertise, best practice considerations and processes to provide state-of-the-art services in a stimulating and productive work environment.

  • Client Focus: Support each client’s project in a timely, ethical and cost-effective manner.

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