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Maximax International

MPR Development Group Inc. commercialization business is led by Maximax International, Inc.


Business models

Integrated Service Provider for Commercialization

In this model, Maximax International executes distribution agreements for local or regional markets and sub-contracts warehousing, importation and logistics to local distributors. In this model, we undertake the responsibility of marketing, registration and overall execution of the contract. This model enables pharmaceutical or device companies to optimize sales in targeted markets leveraging the marketing capabilities of our Company and considering that most distributors in international regions have limited marketing expertise or mostly focusing resources in certain cities and counties. Another version of this model is doable when Maximax International Inc. co-signs distribution agreements with distributors.


Functional Service Provider for Commercialization

This line of services involves the different aspects associated with commercialization, including:

  • Market research and feasibility studies

  • Regulatory submission and approval

  • Distributors’ selection and management

  • Resourcing and staffing of medical reps. and marketing campaign


Contract Manufacturing


In 2009, the Company initiated a new business unit supporting Contract Manufacturing in MENA region and in China. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Yousef has joined Maximax International Inc. leading its Contract Manufacturing business unit. This business unit seeks to manufacture leading Bio and Pharma products for Asia markets focusing on Vaccines, Diabetes, Oncology, and Cardiology products.

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