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MPR Development Group, Inc. (the name originated from a previous company name: Michigan Pharmaceutical Research, MPR) is a global bio-pharmaceutical service company, also known as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that supports the health industry in more than 40 countries around the globe.

With a wide range of resources and expertise, we assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies efficiently to bring new therapies to people who need them. MPR consolidates therapeutic, operational and scientific capabilities of organizations and individuals who have been serving the health and bio-pharmaceutical industries for more than 30 years. 

Company Ownership


Michigan Pharmaceutical Research and Development Group, Inc. (MPR Development Group Inc.) is a USA-based, privately owned company.

  • The USA Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) number: 0001339689

  • USA Federal number: 16-168-33-12

  • Michigan State ID number: 06468D


MPR is managed and owned by professionals with medical, pharmaceutical, management and finance backgrounds. The company has been organized under USA Federal Security and Regulations D, Regulations S and Regulations 701.

Selected Shareholders' Professional Backgrounds

  • Medical Doctor degree: 23

  • PhD degree: 14

  • BSN and RN (USA): 5

  • MBA degree: 9

  • MS degree: 10


International Operations


MPR operates in over 40 countries internationally and is organized in these countries as subsidiaries, branches or regional offices/operations. The company can expand to other countries, whether regional or continental, either by managing clinical research projects from international offices or from the USA. MPR has also established a strong partnership with several companies to compliment any resources that could be needed to support international projects.

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