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Site Management Organization

MPR Development Group has set up several Site Management Organizations (SMOs) to assist in the implementation and full delivery of clinical trials. MPR realizes that, in most places, doctors and health care centers do not have the expertise and resources to conduct clinical research, though they have access to large patient populations. SMOs enable MPR to work with other leading CROs in various regions and support with necessary assistance. Our SMO operations compliment the needs of pharmaceutical companies/sponsors in various ways to ensure that clinical research projects are handled in the best possible way, to guarantee their success and to ensure that every dollar was worth its expense when invested in our expertise. 

Our Global and Regional SMOs

Avicenna Center of Medical Research - Avicemer

Serving the Middle East and North Africa region

Caribbean Institute of Medical Research - CARIMER

Serving the Caribbean Islands, as well as parts of Central and South America

Central & Eastern Europe Research Institute - CEERI

Serving the European continent

Detroit Clinical Research Center, PC - DCRC

Serving the metro Detroit, Michigan area

Michigan Center of Medical Research - Michmer

Serving in most locations throughout the State of Michigan

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