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At MPR, we believe that partnership with pharmaceutical companies/sponsors is essential to succeed in conducting clinical trials. Successful clinical trials’ management requires innovative solutions with flexibility and ability to change and adapt. We embrace ANY model that adds value to your project.

Support Models

Full-Service CRO Model

MPR has the resources and capabilities to undertake most clinical trial projects as a full-service CRO, both nationally and internationally. The full-service model is ideal when a sponsor has limited resources and deployment of additional staff is costly or impractical.

FSP Model

The Functional Service Provider Model (FSP) is ideal when a sponsor only needs assistance in certain functions or geographic locations or needs additional staff to support current in-house departments. The FSP will therefore compliment and integrate our staffing with that of the sponsor. 

Hybrid Model

 The Hybrid Model emphasizes CRO/SMO support systems, minimizing structural and support gaps between sponsors and CROs and investigators and research sites. This model enables MPR or any of its affiliates to completely compliment the sponsor's resources in managing studies, whether they work with another CRO or not.

Site Management Organization (SMO)
Central Lab

Core Services

Central Imaging
Early Phase Research
Other Services
Oncology, Hematology &
Blood Disorders

Therapeutic Areas

CNS & Psychiatry
Medical Devices
Metabolic Cardiology & Respiratory
Other Therapeutic Areas
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