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From Michigan to the World with Love & Commitment to a Mission for a Cure

Michigan Pharmaceutical Research and Development Group (MPR) consolidates the heritage and experience of many doctors, researchers, community leaders, business experts and entrepreneurs. Starting from Michigan, USA and expanding to almost every corner of the globe. Michigan prides itself in being a global village of one of the most diverse populations in the world.


Whenever and wherever there was a question or a need, there was an answer and there was a team committed to the mission for the cure.  


MPR has set up many subsidiaries to support its clients through innovative solutions in many locations in the world. These solutions focus on the need for Site Management Organizations (SMOs) in several locations in the world where clinical sites and doctors cannot do research alone and, therefore, need support. Some of MPR's subsidiaries are focused on certain expertise or locality, such as early phase research or commercialization.

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