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Risk Sharing

Our Risk Sharing business is lead by Maximax Venture.


In 2009, MPR formally established an independent business unit for risk sharing programs, though the company has been involved in assisting clients in risk sharing programs since its inception.


At MPR, we realize how challenging it is to bring new health products to market. We are there to support our clients and partner with them so they achieve their goals. Some of our company executives have been involved in the financial industry at different capacities and they bring expertise to Maximax Venture in asset & risk management, financial operation and Merger and Acquisitions.

Our role involves optimizing the financial deal and maximizing the value function for all participants. We support deals in collaboration with USA financial partners, venture capital companies and professional funds management companies.


We focus on two regions in affiliation with USA partners, the Gulf region and China.


For more details or information, please contact Marc Rich.

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