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At MPR, we bring to you strong experience in resourcing and staffing solutions. We have been serving our clients in the resourcing and staffing business even before launching our official MPR Development Group, Inc. Prior to launching the CRO business, three MPR partners were in the resourcing and staffing business for more than 50 years combined experience. Mr. Vasile Piticas, MPR company Vice President, leads a staffing business in Romania. Mr. Tel Ganesan leads staffing and resoucing solutions in the USA and India and Mr. Eric Meer leads a staffing business in health and other industries in the Phillippines.

For some clinical trial projects, all you need is additional staff support to compliment your teams: MPR will be there for you.

We have access to a large pool of candidates with diverse functional and therapeutic backgrounds.


We follow flexible and diverse resourcing models and we also partner with several resourcing organizations all over the globe to expand our capacities if needed.

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