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MPR Development Group, Inc. provides services and solutions in pharmacoeconomics and outcome research to clients seeking to optimize their value functions in current markets or planning to explore and expand to new markets. Such studies are also needed to comply with requests from drug agencies in an increasing number of countries to justify costs and benefits for new therapies.


At MPR, we provide an innovative and unique approach driven by the latest development and tools.


There has been a high level of interest in the use of economic evaluation for decision making in healthcare over the past decade. Economic evaluations of pharmaceuticals will be increasingly used by prescribers in:

  • Treatment choices

  • Pricing and reimbursement negotiations between the pharmaceutical industry, government and other bodies funding healthcare expenditure


How is Pharmacoeconomics Useful?

  • Gives an economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals to aid in the decision making process in healthcare

  • Strategic planning in clinical drug research

  • Determines the likely market of future drugs


What is Economic Evaluation?

  • A tool used to assist decision makers in achieving value for the limited budget that is allotted for healthcare

  • Considers both costs and outcomes


How MPR Approach is Unique


MPR uses computer based tools based on Discrete Choice Models and Dynamic Game Theory to evaluate variables of an Outcome Research project.


Learn more by reviewing the attached documents representing a case study on memory loss:

Pharmacoeconomics Overview

Memory Loss-Outcome Research Case Study Part I

Memory Loss-Outcome Research Case Study Part II

Memory Loss-Outcome Research Case Study Part III

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