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October 10, 2018 - Tomsk, Russia

MPR Expands its Research Network to Siberia and Selected Countries in Central Asia and Sets Up Partnership with Leading Medical Centers and Universities

MPR expands its research network of sites to Siberia and selected countries in central Asia.

In order to tap into more sites for clinical trials, MPR expanded its collaborative model to include more than 50 sites and medical centers in Siberia and Central Asia.

MPR has established partnerships with leading medical centers and universities and started an executive committee for research. The company has initiated the process to facilitate the logistics, processes and regulatory environment to start conducting clinical trials in this region.

Dr. Agarkov, a leading Russian doctor with extensive research experience, will be the interim chair of this scientific committee.

The consortium enables pharmaceutical companies access to a large patient population and the ability to expand the scale and scope of studies. Please contact us for more details about this initiative and the list of sites participating in this network.

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