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November 30, 2009 - Osaka, Japan

MPR Inc. and Yamamoto Co. launch a joint research and development project to expand the application and use of Hyperthermia in the treatment of several indications of cancer using an innovative medical device, Thermotron-RF8.

Thermotron-RF8 is a clinical Hyperthermia system that uses 8 MHz RF waves. The development of this device has been made possible by the collaborative work among many scientists and engineers in Japan and the USA under the sponsorship of Japan and Science and Technology Corporation.

The device is a capacitive heating device designed to heat the region between a pair of parallel-opposed circular electrodes. With this device, it is possible to selectively heat regions of different depths by using combinations of large and small electrodes. The maximum RF wave power output of this device is 1,500 W. The system is capable of heating deep-seated tumors with relatively uniform temperature distribution since the self-excited oscillator is used to adapt the fluctuation of the specific frequency of the target region.

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