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May 20, 2008 - Washington, USA

Maximax Pharmaceutical Research, Inc. introduces to the research community a powerful methodology to manage currency risks in international clinical trials. The new methodology is based on iterative and tailored solutions to each clinical trial, though it offers a generalized approach that lumps cases into categories depending on several variables.


Several of MPR Inc. executives bring to the clinical research community extensive experience in financial risks management. This expertise combined with IT solutions offers sponsors excellent resources to assist them managing their projects.


Currency risks in international studies will cause companies very significant costs. Very few study managers address these risks when planning their projects, and even when they realize such risks, they have little knowledge and experience on what to do.


In May 20, 2008, MPR Inc. during the MAGI 2008 Clinical Trial Conference introduced to its conference audience a simplified approach of this methodology.


To view or download the MPR Inc. presentation, please click here

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