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Lorenzo Gordon, MD, PhD
Executive Managing Director, Caribbean Institute of Medical Research

Dr. Gordon leads company operations in the Caribbean, working with several doctors and company staff across the region. He is a leading teacher, doctor and researcher. Dr. Gordon graduated from the University of the West Indies, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry, a Master of Science, a Doctor of Philosophy degree and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Havana Medical School.


Dr. Gordon was instrumental in starting the STATHS Bakery and is the unofficial school doctor who visits students, councils them and treats many ailments on a weekly basis. His achievements extended itself to the publication of over 45 scientific papers at local and international conferences. Dr. Gordon is involved in many service clubs and associations including President of the Jamaican Cuban Friendship Association, Vice-President of Jamaican Cuban Alumni Association and member of the Finance Committee Medical Association of Jamaica. In 1988-1992, he acted as Vice President to the Volunteers Social Service New York. In 2003, he was the Jamaican representative at the International Diabetes Federation Congress in Paris, France.

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