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July 25, 2008 - Troy, Michigan, USA

MPR Inc. launches the Detroit Clinical Research Center (DCRC) to undertake research projects working with the St. John Health System, to support clinical trials across the St. John Health System, Ascension Health System and other Michigan based health organizations.


The foundation of the new entity intends to facilitate corporate governance matters in relation to potential private and professional investors providing capital to support the set up of early phase and lab capabilities.


A leading working committee from both sides will manage this relationship. Both organizations delegated the responsibility of this project to leading staff. The MPR Board of Directors has assigned Mr. Max Rashed to devote all his time for this partnership ,considering the importance of this project to the company's future. St. John Health System has delegated the responsibility to Dr. Ernest Yoder, Executive VP for Research and Academic Affairs.


In late 2009, DCRC expanded its collaboration reach to offer clients access and support with all region health systems.

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