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February 9-11, 2007 - Rabat, Morocco

During this conference, Mr. Max Rashed talked about “The Advantages & Characteristics of Morocco and Other Central and North African Countries in Supporting the Development and Commercialization of Bio-pharmaceutical Products”.

Topics Covered:

“Health & Welfare in Morocco” with an overview about the specific diseases in the country. Mr. Rashed covered also topics related to the “Health Sector and Social Services in Nigeria” with focus on primary healthcare and medical centers that are “understaffed, under equipped and low on medications”.  Also, Mr. Rashed talked about “ Egypt Advantages and Market Opportunities” , with an overview about the health sector and trade regulations.


In partnership with several institutions in North Africa including the Rabat Medical school and Center for Clinical Research in Rabat, Morocco.


Maximax International, Inc. actively participated in the Morocco Conference held in Rabat, Morocco in February 9 to 11, 2007. The Company actively participated in this important event with strong participation from regional and central staff. The following participated in this event:


Max Rashed, MS, MBA

Boubker Sedrati, MD

Shana Krstevska, MD

Yassir Elakil, MBA

Hanane Meddoun, MBA

Raida Elakil, MD


Dr. Krstevska covered “Parkinson's Disease overview & Latest studies on Parkinson's Disease” with an overview about the specific causative factors for Parkinson’s Disease; Current Pharmacotherapy; generic factors and forms for Parkinsonism. Dr. Krstevska talked about sub-primate transgenic models of Parkinson’s disease and the dopaminergic synapse with focus on the stages in the development of PD-related pathology. In Section II, Dr. Krstevska covered topics related to the latest studies on Parkinson's disease and possible treatments for patients.


The Company launched several programs of training:

  • Clinical Research Associates training and recruitment

  • Clinical Research Assistants training program


The company, in cooperation with several departments, is launching an awareness program to enhance the level of participation in clinical research in Morocco and bring and share with the Moroccan institutions several clinical studies. Major focus on areas of expertise include CNS, ID, Oncology, GI and several other areas.

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