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December 12, 2006 - Troy, Michigan, USA

On December 12th, 2006  "The Money Channel" interviewed our company's CEO, Mr. Max Rashed to discuss the overall company strategy and his views in the industry and especially on current events in the Balkan and CEE region and its relationship with North America.


In this interview, Mr. Rashed emphasized the company's strong plans to improve its presence and operations in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. He outlined that CEE presents western companies with great opportunity for growth in several sectors such as the health care and pharmaceutical sectors.


In replying to means of cooperation between North American companies and institutions and that of the Balkan region, Mr. Rashed suggested holding awareness conferences and forums to improve the exchange of expertise and investments projects and that after the expansion of the European Union with more countries, this would be the right time to expand on this activity.

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