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Data Management

MPR Development Group, Inc. provides comprehensive data management services and expertise for clinical trials. We manage clinical trials data in compliance with HIPAA and any global regulatory requirements. We offer flexible data management systems and work closely with the sponsor’s team right from the beginning. We support all Electronic Data Capture (EDC) commercial products, however, our teams are experienced in handling both paper and electronic data.

Advantages of EDC

  • Online data collection

  • Monitoring and processing through internet connectivity to a secure central database

  • New devices like PDA and tablet computers can be integrated into some projects

  • Generate data while testing and while data is being collected

  • Easy access from anywhere without having to sacrifice patient security and privacy

  • Reduces the drug cost by streamlining development functions

  • Electronic submission enables pharmaceutical companies to speed up the approval process

  • Redundancy is eliminated and errors are avoided

  • Interactive voice response is integrated easier

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