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April 29, 2016 - Havana, Cuba

MPR expands its operations to Cuba and sets up partnerships with leading health care institutions in the country to support non-commercial research projects.

During the latest visit to the country, conducted by an executive delegation from MPR, the company’s executive managing director for the Caribbean announced the launch of the Cuba operation. This operation will comply with USA regulations regarding commercial activities while enabling pharmaceutical companies to leverage the medical and research resources of the country.

MPR has established partnerships with leading Cuban medical centers and started an executive committee for research. The company has initiated the process to facilitate the logistics, processes and regulatory environment to conduct clinical trials in the country.

Dr. Lorenzo Gordon, a managing executive director, will be the interim chair of this scientific committee.

During the launch meeting, Dr. Gordon said: “The Cuban scientific bio-medical research community is a great resource for the USA and other western pharmaceutical companies including more than 20,000 researchers in over 60 research centers and universities. The Cuban health care system provides an excellent ratio of doctor to patient and the doctors are trained, disciplined and enthusiastic about research,” said Dr. Gordon.

For more details on this event, please contact Dr. Lorenzo Gordon at

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